Senior Product Manager at Portworx
Los Altos, CA, US
We are looking for the next critical hire to help us scale the business, define feature areas, and steer the product roadmap. Our product enables stateful containers in production, and we’ve been named a Gartner Cool Vendor.

Our technology includes a distributed storage platform and integrated controls with container schedulers including Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Docker Swarm. Customers span from Global 2000 enterprises to cloud-native startups, who run workloads on-premises and in public clouds.

Role and impact:

Directly lead feature areas that help us take our first mover advantage and position this startup for our next phase of growth

Lead key technical partnerships and help us build the right mix of integrations that continue to make us the best solution for stateful containers

Partner with sales to continue to improve our delivery into customer hands and customer satisfaction

Job responsibilities:

Define feature areas and what needs to be built, using an MVP approach

Understand where the ecosystem is heading and bring that knowledge to feature design

Evangelizing at meetups and conferences

Educate potential customers on the value prop

Build monetization plans (when applicable) with an understanding of pricing and customer segmentation

Relevant skills and experience:

Background in compute infrastructure, storage Infrastructure, and/or distributed systems that run on Linux

Demonstrated ability to discuss technical concepts, understand the tradeoffs, and evaluate opportunistic product ideas

Experience delivering software on-premises AND in public clouds

Understanding of pricing models or willingness to learn

Ability to communicate and distill information in crisp PRDs and clear presentations

What isn’t a fit: unlike a Microsoft style PM definition, this role is not to “own” features and maintain stasis. We’re looking for a PdM who can judiciously make calls, and we’ll back that person all the way.