DevOps Engineer at BigPanda
Tel Aviv, IL
BigPanda is looking for a skilled DevOps Engineer, who will take part in designing, implementing and maintaining a mission critical, state of the art production environment.

You will Join a small team whose main challenges are:

- Scaling our infrastructure x50 within 12 months.

- Building a zero-downtime data processing pipeline.

- Architecting a service-discovery solution for tens of distributed micro-services.

- Creating an automatic testing, monitoring & deployment processes.


At least 3 years of experience in similar positions.
Extensive experience dealing with Linux systems.
Familiar with at least one programming language (Python, NodeJS, go)
Excited about performance benchmarking and tuning, packet sniffing or any other form of linux hacking.
Proficient in infrastructure automation and configuration management (Ansible/Chef/Puppet etc).

Experience with building CI/CD pipelines.
Experience with orchestration of highly available distributed systems.
Experience with AWS (or an alternative IaaS solution).
Experience with our software stack which includes MongoDB, ElasticSearch, Kafka, JVM, RabbitMQ and NodeJS.